HD2100 HD2100
HD2100 HD2100
HD2100 HD2100
HD2100 HD2100
HD2100 HD2100



●   The easiest operation
able to authenticate a bill inserted in any of the 4 orientations in 7-fold counterfeit detection

●   Large LCD display
Displays total value & quantity. Easy-to-read high-resolution LCD display clearly reports FAIL for checked bills along with their denomination for an added layer of security.

●  Automatic currency value recognition

●  Obvious alert
Visual and audio alert to counterfeits

●  Currency option
 US dollar or Euro
  • Counterfeit Detector HD2100

Product Description
Verification Speed≤ 0.5 Second
Verification Types Infrared / Security Marks / Magnetic Ink Detection / Color Spectrum Analysis / Size Detection, Optical Density
Rechargeable Lithium Battery7.4V / 1000mAh
Display TypeHigh Resolution LCD
Dimensions4.9" W x 2.9" D x 5.5" H
Weight1.3 lbs.
USB currency update port
Banknote exit direction from front or rear

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